Our processes are structured to ensure timely, professional and best execution of clients’ mandates while guaranteeing the integrity of all trades executed.

At Meristem Stock Brokers Limited, our solutions are designed to meet the diverse investment appetite and objectives of our clients.

We provide easy access to on-line brokerage account and allow client monitor trades on-line real-time via our web interface. Clients are also able to reach our investment advisors cum brokers through our telephone enquiry system.

Clients have the privilege to send mandates via short message service (SMS) to our dedicated mandate line +234 80 7676 7606 or via contact@meristemng.com.

  • We always execute trades in the best interests of our clients, in a price-sensitive and confidential manner.
  • Our clients benefit from the personalized service of our dedicated investment professionals.
  • Our investment team continuously evaluates company research and performance to determine opportunities for all client portfolios
  • When we execute an order on behalf of our clients, we will determine the relative importance of the best execution factors based on our experience and judgment, in light of available market information with the prime aim of prompt, fair and expeditious execution of trades.
  • When executing Client Orders we consider the following key criteria amongst others:
    • Price
    • Cost or commissions of execution
    • Execution capability / speed
    • The current liquidity for the relevant instrument
    • The size and nature of the order
    • Market impact of the transaction
    • Likelihood of settlement